We as a Group strongly believe the fact that it is our responsibility to conserve, retain and cherish the best environment and resources for our future generations. With the same motive the BKG Group owns the Sustainability Development Unit, which holds the responsibility to conserve forest and attend the public grievances in the best way possible. In order to protect the planted trees around town the group has initiated the manufacturing of tree Guards and distributing them in the local towns every year.

  • Environment Cell:

    The Group has an Environment cell unit which prioritise to work with the development and protection of forest by its systematic and efficient conduction of different Environmental monitoring techniques which are listed as follows:

    • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
    • Fugitive Air Quality Monitoring
    • Surface Water Quality Monitoring
    • Noise Quality Monitoring
    • Soil Quality Monitoring
    • Water & Soil Conservation Measures
  • Monitoring & Results:

    The recent updates and reports related to SDU and Environment cell is elaborated in the following attached link:

    Sustainable Development Unit
    Environment Cell

    The Unit systematically plans to do the plantations nearby mine site every year. It has taken the best initiative to preserve the endangered plant species by planting them in a Nursery including two Vermiculture units. The nursery has a work force appointed to nurture and rejuvenate the plants in the Nursery by using vermin compost as a source of manure. There are different varieties of plantations which include the following:

    • Medicinal Plantation – The unit has managed successfully to preserve and plant 200 varieties of medicinal plants which are at the verge of extinction.
    • Fruits Bearing Plantation – With a strong notion of giving back to nature, the unit has planted about 30 varieties of fruit bearing plants dedicated solely for birds and animals.
    • Other Plantations – The unit will effectively plan and conduct yearly plantations, which include plantation of trees saplings such as Azardica Indica, Synzium Cumini, Ficus Recemosa, Fisicus Bengalisis, Pongamia pinnata, Cassia auriculata, as a part of Avenue plantation. There are some other plantation of tree samplings such as Leucaena leucocephala, Acasia Auriculiformis, A.chundra,A.nilotica, Albizia amra, are considered under safety Zone plantation.

One of the prominent contributions of the unit was, it successfully managed to replant 200 coconut trees taking them all the way from town and planting them in a piece of land nearing mine site and the courageous effort of unit successfully fetched about 90% survival of coconut trees and are still giving yield in the new habitat. The site is named as ‘Kalpa Vriksha Vana’.

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