BKG Group is leading name in Iron Ore Mining in Sandur sector of Bellary District Karnataka satate.

Founder of the Group Late B. Kumargouda was actively involved in mining and mining related activities since 1958. Mining lease was granted in the year 2006, in Swamymalai block of sandur Schist belt. Intially the production limit was 0.5 Million tonnes and later enhanced to 2.0 Million tons.

Minerals are the essential commodities that are must in present scenario. BKG is committed to carry out Responsible mining activity with its Technically qualified workforce. Since beginning practising Systematic and Scientific mining with a major thurst to Safety and Eco friendly mining. BKG recognises the Importance of protecting and improving the environment in and around the work place and Neighbourhood.

    Salient Features of BKG Mines :

  • Systematic and Scientific Operations.
  • Technically qualified work force
  • Extensive exploration under taken by Core drilling
  • Well maintained Core library
  • Practising zero waste mining for conservation and optimum utilisation of Mineral wealth
  • Well equipped Garage with Competent Technical staff
  • In house Analytical laboratory for Quality control
  • Well developed In house Nursery and Medicinal plant garden where more than 300 rare species are being raised


Granite unit of the company located in Dasapura Village of Siruguppa Taluka, Bellary District, has emerged as a reliable company that meets the demands of the clients quite effectively. As a Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Pink Granite Blocks, the company has gained excellent reputation for the quality of the Granite Blocks. Pink Granite Boulder and slabs have ready market in India exported to China and Japan.

We have a Pink Granite quarry with various types of well-equipped machinery that facilitates the production process of the Pink Granite Blocks. Added to that, the presence of a qualified staff ensures that the company meets the bulk as well as specific demands for the Pink Granite Blocks with remarkable efficiency. We are extracting export-quality Pink Granite Blocks in monument and gang-saw sizes and cater to a widely spread client base in China and Japan

The company has a robust infrastructural set up. With a well-equipped quarry as well as various advanced machines, the company is capable of producing 150 CBM of Pink Granite Blocks on a monthly basis. Apart from the manufacturing facilities, the company also has facilities for the bulk packaging of the Pink Granite Blocks.

The company has acquired a prominent position in the market as a Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Pink Granite Blocks. The Pink Granite Blocks are available in the standard as well as customized forms.


A new venture of BKG group diversifying into Manufactured sand and aggregates. Todays growing demand for River sand is causing ecological imbalance and the M sand is the Best and Natural alternative for river sand. BKG is going to be a pioneer in M Sand and Aggregates production with a state of art plant at Survey No 240, Shettikere, Near Kalingeri village, Sandur Taluk, Ballari District. The Products are M Sand, Aggregates, GSB (Granular Size Base), Railway Ballast and washed M Sand etc. We aim to manufacture best IS 383 grade of M sand and Total Aggregates in Sandur sector and other various part of Karnataka with State of the Art technologies perfected by our team.

Ours is first of its kind plant in Sandur, Bellari District to produce M Sand and Aggregates with total Control of Air Pollution covered with Zinc sheet Shed and use of pressurized water spraying system, we ensure minimal consumption of water for M sand washing process by using sophisticated washing system.

To achieve quality concrete, quality aggregate must be used as the base material. When high quality aggregates are used, we will get higher strength concrete with less cement and the finished product will have greater durability, which results in longer life. Using aggregates with superior engineering and mechanical qualities, such as low flakiness index and cubical particle shape. Rounded aggregates because of lower surface area will have lowest water demand and also have lowest mortar paste requirement. Hence they will result in most economical mixture for concrete grades up to M 35.

Manufactured Sand obtained from specific natural granite (Quarry Stone) using the State of the art European technology. The ideal shape for M sand particles is cubic, Particle shape has become increasingly important to the concrete industry as it is the key factor influencing quality and therefore concrete strength, when sand particles sit together tightly, resulting in fewer voids and need less water and less cement with higher compressive strength.

Manufactured with technical Know - how, Design & Engineering, Plant & Machinery from the world leader “Sandvik Asia Ltd” having operations across the globe.

BKG Group is striving to produce and deliver the finest & best quality of M Sand and best quality of total Aggregates that is much competent and more economical

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